Fashion Jewelry Exporter

Fashion Jewellery Exporter

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ExtremeDesign Export Buying and selling is really a Fashion Jewellery Export Company located in Cebu City, Philippines. We manufacture, produce, and assemble fashion jewelries, gift products, windchimes and any type of handicrafts Extreme Design and residential decorative products made from indigenous materials for example ocean-shells, wood, coco, bone, horn, stone, buri, bamboo along with other natural materials.

We have experienced e-commerce since 1998 like a supplier within our neighborhood and today expanding the process of Conveying Top Quality Philippine Handicrafts and Products which are Very DESIGNED and suitable for all styles and fashoins worldwide.

We’re rendering the very best and different types of the market today and also have very huge discounts that’ll be offered specifically for VOLUME ORDERS or WHOLESALERS. We strictly observe Qc on the finished products for everyone the very best and gain in satisfaction to the foriegn buyers. We personalize designs solely for you personally. Just send us images of your designs and specs for quotation.

ExtremeDesign Export Buying and selling (EDET) is perfect for existence, the greater to relish and be thankful. ImageThrough the lens of social equality, ImageEDET includes human sources in design conceptualization, production, and marketing to satisfy with other people whose appreciation and valuing of those designs supply the needed possibilities for natural and human sources to get together for one another.

From products to furniture along with other home-decors, EDET was organized to create to every existence both individual and residential enhancements to showcase what existence holds of these designs inside your personal adornment as well as in the concern and cost you provide your homes.

Thus, when designs meet both functionality and sweetness, personal care doesn’t only enhance one’s identity but additionally a home will get changed into a house!


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