Urban Outfitters-Fashion died in 2015

Statement from Urban Outfitters’ CEO that the fashion died last year due to bad sales and death of trends, surprised many people. He also said that designers went through all possible variations of skinny pants and that there was no innovation in fashion world in several years.

     urba-e1416256480735-1940x1090He talked about direction in which fashion went after big fashion shift that happened 10 years which brought skinny bottom back in fashion. Since then, he started; designers went with all possible variations on that subject, different color variations, leggings, stretch and so on.

Right now, he continued, women have all variations of skinny pants in their closets and sweaters that go with them and they have no need of spending money on same things. He said that only some major shift in fashion can change this situation, and if designers fail to make the shift many will end up losing money.

Hard times in sales were reported from other manufacturers whose business is connected with fashion. Many said that the sales are down, and there are no guidelines which can point in which direction the fashion will go. As in fashion world they say that it is impossible to sell an item on its full price. If there is no sale or discount, people will not buy an item, it is simple as that.

Urban Outfitters reported increase in their yearly sales. They stated that they made 3.5 billion dollars through sales in last year, which is a 4 percent increase from the previous year, but as their CEO stated this increase is not made through fashion sales.  He said that the biggest brand was Anthropologie that brought 1.44 in sales, second was Urban Outfitters with 1.39 billion in sales and at the third place was Free People with 600 million dollars. They said that the biggest source of income came through Anthropologie through which they acquired several Italian restaurants and they also expanded their offer in home based sales.

This shift toward other sources of income is due to the fact that “big over little” style in fashion is active around 10 years and its sales are diminishing and there is still no proof that it will end. As long as this trend stays active losses will be reported from many design houses.

These several months of 2016 brought bad signs for many fashion designers. Several fashion designers tried to shift fashion direction from this style but fashion critics shot them down. All signs say that new cycle of old same “big over little” style will mark this summer as well. Why do fashion designers as well as fashion critics fail to see that there isn’t any room for innovation in this style and that the change must happen is beyond me? Only advice that I can give for ladies is to stop buying new clothing pieces, because they probably have them in their closets. And if you see a new clothing piece that you would like, then you can find same or similar thing from earlier seasons and it will cost you less money.

Author: Beatrice Drake

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